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This is the place to get simple, straight forward, low cost web design service.  If you need a web site for a small business, organization, church, social group or just want a site for your family reunion, Night Owl Ink will get it done!

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What kind of web sites does Night Owl Ink do -
and not do?

We cater specifically to small businesses and organizations that do not need a complicated web site.  Our staff consists of me (Jarvis), one full time web designer and a couple of part time designers.  All of us are content oriented designers, not code oriented designers.  That means we focus on the layout, text and photos that visitors to a site actually see.  We are very good at creating web sites that are eye-appealing, interesting and engaging to the visitor.

What we do not do is the high tech, behind the scenes wizardry that most small businesses and organizations don't need or even care about.  These are things like database integration, online memberships, web based inventory maintenance and automatic order execution. Sure, we can design a small shopping cart and check-out system for your web site, but if you want to be the next Amazon.com, you'll need to invest a few million bucks in your site!

The kinds of companies that need complex code writing are airlines, national hotel chains, online ticket sellers and major online retailers like the aforementioned Amazon.com.  Have you ever purchased a flight on Southwest Airlines using their web site?  The Southwest.com site layout looks very simple; just a few photos and graphics on a white background.  But take a peak at the underlying code and you'll see something very different.  It took a small army of code experts to create Southwest's site, and it takes another small army of administrators to maintain their site.  Oh, and Southwest's web site cost several million dollars.

We design web sites that are Internet versions of very elaborate brochures.  We'll design a site for you that presents your products and tells your message in ways that are appealing, informative and engaging to the viewer.  We do not design sites that take reservations for you, keep databases of customers' credit cards, track purchases or store membership information.  And we try to avoid indulgent use of Flash animations and Javascript code.

Every site designed by Night Owl Ink is original.   We do not use templates or cookie cutter layouts.  Our content rich designs are highly prized by clients who simply want to present an excellent image on the web.  Just click through our own web site to see for yourself, or feel free to visit the sites of a few of our clients by clicking the links below.

Who needs a web site and why do they need it?

Anyone with a product to sell or a message to tell needs a web site.  It's that simple.  The only possible exception would be if your product or message is illegal.

It astonishes me to find some businesses and organizations in this modern age that don't have a web site and think they don't need one.  A good example is a concessions company.  I happen to own a festival concessions business.  It's a nice side business and a fun way to supplement my income and go to lots of festivals in the summer. (And, of course, I designed the web site for the concession, which you can check out here: Tropic Hut - The Banana Bungalow.)

I have discovered many of my fellow concessionaires do not have web sites.  It may seem a mobile food concession could be one kind of business that does not need a web site.  A food concession cannot do online sales.  It does not use the Internet to find customers or advertise its products, and a concession is not usually the kind of business that people search for online.

So why do I need a web site for my concession business?  Festival Organizers! In order to have a place to sell my stuff, I first have to get into festivals.  Big, well established festivals have stringent standards for vendors they allow into their events.  Just by having a web site, my business gains credibility with Festival Organizers, which moves me up in the rankings of vendors they are considering.  Further, my web site offers far more detail about my stand than I can send with my application.  Festival Organizers can visit my site and see photos of my stand and my products and can learn all about my operation.

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Bakeries
Holy cow, you have a food business without a web site?  Wouldn't it be nice if customers could check out your menu, see pictures of your decor and get directions to your location?  A web site can give your customers all these benefits, all the time and from anywhere.  Travelers who plan to visit your city can find you from thousands of miles away.

A web site is especially crucial if your food service offers delivery or carry-out.  Good grief, if you have a pizza shop or Chinese restaurant that offers delivery, let your customers have a way to look over your menu before they call in their orders!

Specialty Retailers, Crafters, Confectionaries and yes, even Concessionaires
For almost any kind of retailer, putting up a web site is like opening a new remote shop location, only this location is open all the time, requires no staff (other than the site designer) and costs less to create than one display case in your actual store.

It just makes sense.  Whether you are a corner cafe or a neighborhood lawn and garden service, head of a high school reunion or leader of a barbershop quartet, you and your business or group will benefit by having a web site.